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Jo Byatt Children's Illustrator

I love to create characters and concepts for Picture books and Board books. I have many concepts that I am currently working on. I would love to talk to you if you are a Publisher or Agent interested in my work. Here are just a few of my original characters for my story ideas.

A comic Octopus and a little girl meet one day. Octopus takes the girl on a journey into her imagination in a way only an octopus can. 

A Mother Rabbit just cannot get her baby to sleep. Try as hard as she might, Mother Rabbit decides to seek help from the local community to see just how they manage to have a restful night's sleep. She finds that she is not alone in her endevours.

        Grumpy Pug (working title)

A little boy loves Tigers. He is curious to find that Tiger was very knowledgable and so he began asking Tiger lots of questions about the world around him. How will Tiger respond to the boy's constant questioning?

Joanne Byatt


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Out now!

Raccoon Rambles

4 Board Books

published by 

Child's Play




Slimycorn Published by Igloo Books is out very soon!



Bea By the Sea Published by Child's play International is  out now!



My first Early reader for Maverick out now.

Dig for Gold and Go Rocket, written by Alison Donald




4 Board books with Child's Play international out now!


 Busy Railway and Busy Beach published by Campbell books out now!


 New picture book

'A Sloth called Bob' published!

Out Now!

UK and US!




One of my Sand lion illustrations was chosen for a place in the SCBWI Pictures at Play exhibition hosted by the Half moon theatre.






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