Jo Byatt Children's Illustrator
Jo Byatt Children's Illustrator

Prolific Children's Illustrator Jo Byatt is loved by families nationwide. Following her vibrant debut, Catch me if you can, in 2014, Jo's had 18 children's books published with 5 picture books out in 2018. Jo's proudest moment, Knowing that, since the launch (by HRH Camilla Duchess of​ Cornwall), of Bear's Reading Adventure, this BookTrust title is in the homes of 400,000 pre-schoolers.  


Credit Natasha Higgins


Publishing in the New Year 2018! 

4 Sing a long Picture books


Top That Publishing



Earlier this year, I Illustrated this whole range of Children's books for Autumn Publishing, part of the Bonnier group for the full range please click on the side bar.

Catch me if you can has been made into an audio book read by Michael Ball. 




"Please come in and stay awhile

I really hope to make you smile

If you are happy with what you see!

Please pick up the phone or email me!"

Jo Byatt


Pictures at Play. SCBWI Exhibition at the Half Moon Theatre, running from September until December 2017


I won a place in this fantastic exhibition by SCBWI held this year, it was judged by a top publishing panel and I feel very honoured to be part of it.

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