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Jo Byatt Children's Illustrator

All about me

 As a small child you would always find me with my nose stuck in a good book or drawing my dreams down on paper! Things haven't changed much now apart from having the lovely job of drawing for the books using my cintiq. I am now using my ipad pro and procreate to create images too!


I studied Graphic design at Southend Art College where everything I drew had a smiley face on it. I quite literally turned every project into a child's one. I knew then I was destined to draw for Children. 


My Freelance life began in Children's magazines, illustrating for the BBC, Redan and Egmont amongst others.


With my work in Children's books with companies such as Egmont, Just and Splash for The Little Monsters books. I worked a lot in licensed characters which made me realise that I wanted to create my own. This is where my heart is


After having my family, I was driven to learn Photoshop, get my portfolio together of my own ideas and characters and head to The London Book fair, where I met with Igloo Books.

A few weeks later I was commissioned to Illustrate my debut picture book 'Catch me if you can' written by David Styring.


Since then I have Illustrated 27 children's books with a further 2 Board books about to be published next year and a third picture book for Igloo.


Published by Child's Play, Campbell Books, Autumn Publishing, Igloo Books, Top That, Egmont publishing and Booktrust.


  I have a very strong work ethic; I love to work as part of a team to create the best project we can. I can design and Illustrate for your project or Illustrate from your designs. Whichever is best for you.


  Creating and concepts for picture books, I have sketch books brimming with ideas just bursting to get out there or I'm equally happy Illustrating your texts.



 If you are a Publisher interested in finding out more, I would love to hear from you.


I love nothing more than being busy on a project.              


                                 Will it be yours?



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Would you like to know more about my work?

Contact me here or give me a call.




Tel - 01268 785560




4 Board books with Child's Play international out now!


 Busy Railway and Busy Beach published by Campbell books out now!


With a new picture book 'A Sloth called Bob' publishing from June in the US !




One of my Sand lion illustrations was chosen for a place in the SCBWI Pictures at Play exhibition hosted by the Half moon theatre.






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