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Jo Byatt Children's Illustrator

All about me

 As a small child you would always find me with my nose stuck in a good book or drawing my dreams down on paper!


Studing Graphic Design initially, I soon realised my heart and soul lie in children's publishing. (see my History pages)


After having my family, my urge to go back to the world I love led me to The London Book fair, where I met with Igloo Books. I illustrated my Debut Picture book Catch me if you can written by David Styring.

Since then I have Illustrated 18 children's books with 5 Picture books being Published next year. I am so excited to share them,


4 I can now share the covers and sales spreads as they have had their debut at The Frankfurt Book fair.


1 more to reveal , for now though, SSSSSSSSSSHHHHH! It's a secret!!


Representing myself, you can be reassured that you will deal with me directly on the illustrations. I can produce the Art for you from initial ideas and thumbnails to the finished coloured art. Always adding those personal touches that are unique to me.


You will see from my website, previous comissions as well as lots of examples of my characters and styles, that I am constantly working on and updating.



 I have had a successful and varied Illustrating career which spans over a couple of decades. With a very strong work ethic, I love to work as a team to create the best project we can. 



Working digitally using Photoshop, you can often find me with a cuppa (addicted to Tea), listening to an audio book by Alexa,  staring into the screen of my beloved Wacom and having my feet warmed by my personal foot warmer in the form of my Black Pug, Ziggy. 



It is a family affair with husband Pete helping me with the admin and accounts. So you will often deal with him in those respects, my two girls Sienna and Monet are my greatest critics and fan club.


I love to create characters and concepts for picture books and have sketchbooks briming with ideas just bursting to get out there. So if you are a Publisher or Agent interested in finding out more, I would love to hear from you.


I love nothing more than being busy on a project.              


                                 Will it be yours?

Joanne Byatt


Would you like to know more about my work?

Contact me here or give me a call.




Tel - 01268 785560




5 new picture books out in 2018!!

more info coming soon!




One of my Sand lion Illustrations is chosen for a place in the SCBWI Pictures at Play exhibition hosted by the Half moon theatre.

Running until December 2017.





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